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  Oakstills is a factory based company and we mainly supply alcohol distillers(for commercial and home), distillation boilers and fermentors. The company is located in China while we sell most products to overseas market. Approximately 60% of customers are from North America and 30% of customers are from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and European countries. 



  With more than 6 years experiences in the industry, Oakstills is well experienced in assisting customers to built custom distilling gears from discussing, designing, manufacturering to shipping. In 2021 we sold more than 30 sets of multifunctional stills(range from 30 ga to 300 ga) and hundreds of 30L-50L-100L distillers, we are confident that we can serve more customers with better equipments&services as we move forward with enthusiasms for what we do.